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Illinois License Law imposes continuing education requirements on individuals holding real estate Broker, Managing Broker and Appraiser licenses.IDFPR holds each licensee responsible for properly renewing their license by their required renewal date, accurately completing their Renewal Application and mailing it with the appropriate fee to the Licensing Agency. If you do not receive a Renewal Form in the mail (and you may not if you moved and did not update IDFPR with your new address), it is still your responsibility to file a renewal application. IDFPR posts renewal forms on their site prior to each renewal deadline.

Continuing Education (Licensed Prior to 2/1/12)

If you were licensed prior to February 1, 2012 you will need to complete the requirements below by April 30, 2014:

If you are looking to hold a CE class in your office, fill out this form.

Check your CE credits. CE License Look Up.

More information about the new requirements.

Post-Licensing- (Original Broker License Issued between 2/1/12 - 1/31/14)

If you were originally licensed between February 1, 2012 and January 31, 2014 you need to complete the 30-Hour Post Licensing Package by April 30, 2014.

If your 1st brokers license was issued by IDFPR between the dates of 2.1.14 & 4.30.14, with an expiration date of 4.30.16, do not take the 30 hour post licensing requirement during this renewal cycle (4.30.14) because it will not count as your renewal cycle begins 5.1.14 – 4.30.16.

If you need to look up the issue date of your license, please utilize this link, as it is the only place that gives you the issue date of your license.

To Become a Managing Broker

Complete the 45-hour Managing Broker Package.


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