Estate Planning

Course Description

As a REALTOR®, how does estate planning apply to you? Potentially it’s an opportunity to help clients navigate complicated transactions that are often fraught with challenges to property ownership, trust accounts, bankruptcy issues and more. Learn how to increase your estate sales and bankruptcy sales business, and protect your clients’ interests and rights. Topics covered will also include Power of Attorney and guardianship over property, transferring deeds after an owner’s death, probate, bond in lieu of probate, and title insurance.

What you will learn:

  • Estate Planning- What is it and How does it Apply to Me?
  • Challenges with Multiple Owners
  • How can sell Decedent’s Property?
  • How can I sell property in Bankruptcy?
  • Title Insurance- Why do you want your clients to be fully protected?
  • Relationship Building

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Location: C.A.R. Central
Tuition: $29
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