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RRES Instructor Teaching Criteria and Application Information

Thank you for your interest in teaching with REALTORS® Real Estate School. We are always happy to hear from potential faculty. Our faculty needs fluctuate from time to time depending on the coming and goings of current faculty, CE cycles and introduction of new courses. If you feel after reviewing the following information, that your credentials and experience fit the bill, please forward a copy of your cover letter, resume, and teaching philosophy to Tina Stepaniak, Professional Development Administrator, 312.506.1831 or

The first thing you need to determine is whether or not you meet the requirements necessary to teach real estate classes in the state of Illinois.

State mandated requirements for Instructor

Real Estate Licensing Instructors (Leasing Agent, Broker and/or Managing Broker) Requirements

  • Be licensed as a real estate broker for at least the last three (3) years, or
  • Be admitted to practice law by the Supreme Court of Illinois and have been engaged in the active practice of law related to real estate in Illinois for at least three (3) years.
  • Take and pass an examination approved by the Division of Banks and Real Estate with a minimum score of 75%. Information on taking this exam can be found at the Exam provider’s website
  • Make application to the IDFPR for license approval. Visit their website at you can download and print the required Instructor application.

Continuing Education (Leasing Agent, Broker and Managing Broker) Instructor Requirements

  • Have an active broker license (without discipline) for at least (3) years and have been actively engaged in the real estate profession or determined to be qualified by the Director of Real Estate of the Real Estate Education Advisory Council.
  • Or, have a minimum of two (2) years experience in teaching/ training including, but not limited to a teaching certificate issued by the State Board of Education. This experience may include participation, other than a student, in real estate related program development and preparation of textbooks, articles and other instructional materials or determined to be qualified by the Director of Real Estate or the Real Estate Education Advisory Council.
  • Or, have at least a Bachelors degree in real estate, education, or any related field or determined to be qualified by the Director of Real Estate or the Real Estate Education Advisory Council.
  • Make application to IDFPR for license approval. Visit their website at you can download and print the required CE Instructor application.

Additional Requirements

In addition, while there are many individuals that may meet state mandated criteria, they do not always meet the additional criteria we require instructors to meet in order to teach. Due to the size and scope of our school, we are not in the position to act as a “training ground” for fledgling instructors. From time to time we will consider working with an individual who we feel shows exceptional potential, but in all other instances prior teaching experience is a requirement.

  1. All potential faculty must have documented prior adult teaching experience. Ideally this experience will have been in real estate related topics. However, we will consider other types of teaching experiences as well.
  2. Each faculty member must be proficient in, and comfortable with, current classroom technology including, but not limited to the ability to create and use PowerPoint programs, audio/visual presentation methods, overhead production and use, and have a valid email address.

Unless otherwise agreed to potential prelicensing and appraiser licensing instructors follow the process outlined below prior to receiving their first teaching assignment:

  1. In order to familiarize him/herself with our course content, the potential Instructor will review the course materials and teaching manuals. These are the property of C.A.R. and may not be copied.
  2. In order to become familiar with our course delivery methods the potential Instructor will attend one of our regularly scheduled classes and will work with an assigned member of our faculty.
  3. The potential Instructor and current faculty member will work together teaching the class they will be assigned to a class to work with a member of our current faculty. At the end of the course, a report of the potential Instructors performance will be provided highlighting strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Our Faculty member will provide such mentoring as he/she feels necessary.
  4. Depending on the results of the Qualification Class, the potential Instructor may elect to continue to work with a mentor to improve the quality of course delivery. CAR Education Services will provide additional on-site co-teaching opportunities.
  5. Once the potential Instructor has finished the Qualification phase, he/she will then work with C.A.R. Education Services on a schedule of class assignments.
  6. Instructors must agree to abide by Section 1450.280, 3G of the License Act 2000, which states:

"No approved school shall allow the school premises or classrooms to be used during class time by anyone to directly or indirectly to recruit new affiliates for any company. Instructors and school administrators shall promptly report to the OBRE any efforts to recruit students."

We also encourage our faculty to join the Real Estate Educators Association (REEA), Appraisal Foundation or other real estate related educational association in order to keep their teaching techniques current. In addition to offering further instructor development these organizations also offer significant networking opportunities.


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