Required: Mediation Before Arbitration

According to Section 44 of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual an arbitrable matter exists when there is a monetary dispute between two managing brokers of two separate offices as it relates to co-op commissions. By becoming and remaining a member of the Chicago Association of REALTORS® every member agrees to submit to arbitration by the Board’s facilities as defined in Article 17 of the Code of Ethics.

Request & Agreement to Arbitrate

General instructions for filing a complaint

File your Arbitration Request Online Here

What will happen to my case next?

Your case will go to the Grievance Committee who acts as a grand jury and reviews each case to determine if it should go to a hearing. You will need to supply enough information for the Grievance Committee to determine if a co-op (between two brokerages) dispute exists and or to determine if there was unethical conduct on the part of the REALTOR® you are complaining about.

Other Options

In order to save time & money you can try mediation as your first step. In Mediation a Mediation officer will meet together with both the complainant and respondent in an informal basis. The goal is to have the parties reach an agreement without the formal process. It also allows informal conversation and on opportunity for each side to understand the other parties position. Often an agreement is reached which is acceptable to both sides-if not it will go on to arbitration. Learn more .

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