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Sentrilock Card Utility

Thank you for using the REALTOR® Lockbox System from SentriLock. If you have a card reader with your SentriCard®, you can use these instructions to download and install the SentriLock Card Utility software.

How to download and install the Sentrilock Mac card utility Click Here.

How to download and install the Sentrilock PC card utility Click Here.

Smart Card Agreement Form

All users of the Sentrilock Smart Cards are required to sign and submit The Smart Card Agreement form in order to lease a Smart Card. This form acknowledges the importance of security that the Smart Card system provides to clients of C.A.R. As specified under C.A.R. By-Law 8.14, any violation or noncompliance of this Agreement by the Member will require the Member to pay to C.A.R. a fine of up to $1000 per violation.

To view the Smart Card Agreement form in its entirety please Click Here

Access Violation Policy & Procedures

It is the policy of the Chicago Association of REALTORS®’ Board of Directors through By-Law 8.14 as follows:

8.14 Ensuring Security.

No Member responsible for a real estate listing shall provide any third-party access to the listed real estate without the seller's consent and pursuant to the terms and conditions that the seller may reasonably request. No Member shall provide lockbox codes or similar access devices or information to unauthorized third-parties. No Member who holds, possesses, or is responsible for an electronic keycard shall allow that electronic keycard to be used by any person other than the person specifically authorized to use the keycard. No Member shall give an electronic code or combo code to any person not specifically authorized to use or possess the code. Except as specifically authorized by its owner, no Member shall tamper with, destroy, or remove a lockbox or similar security device. In addition to the provisions of this Section, Members shall comply with all rules and regulations that the Association may from time-to-time adopt and promulgate regarding the security of listed and other real estate. Subject to notice and an opportunity to be heard on and appeal any fine or other punishment imposed pursuant to this Section, any Member that violates the provisions of this Section or any of the rules and regulations that the Association adopts and promulgates regarding the security of listed and other real estate shall be subject to a fine or other appropriate punishment in an amount established and as otherwise determined by the Board of Directors.

To view the procedures a member of C.A.R., the public, or another Realtor Board must comply with to file a complaint regarding alleged violations of C.A.R. By-Law 8:14 Click Here

Access Violation Procedure Complaint Form

The Chicago Association of REALTORS® is committed to maintaining the integrity of the Sentrilock Lockbox System. If you feel security has been breached by another agent, please help us to monitor the security of the system by filling out the Access Violation Procedure Complaint form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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