Housing Assistance Organizations

Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness

The Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness works to create, support and sustain effective strategies to end homelessness in Chicago.

The Alliance brings best practices, system coordination and evaluation to Chicago's Plan to End Homelessness. The Alliance manages more than $50 million in state and federal grants for homeless services. They remove barriers to ending homelessness through policy work. They increase public awareness and support for ending homelessness. And so much more. Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness

Chicago Housing Authority

The Chicago Housing Authority’s mission is to provide affordable housing to low-income families and senior residents. Chicago Housing Authority

The Emergency Fund

Countless everyday Chicagoans are living on the verge of poverty. They are single adults, young couples, families with children, and seniors - who may live in your neighborhood. They are working and able to make ends meet, that is, until they experience a life change that puts them in crisis or transition.

But, this is all preventable. Providing financial assistance and support services to Chicagoans at these critical moments in their lives has a stabilizing effect. Through a collaborative network of 60 partner agencies, the Emergency Fund distributes assistance on behalf of low-income Chicago residents facing emergency situations. At each agency, a volunteer Fund Manager disburses our funds to eliminate these crises and to promote self sufficiency. The Emergency Fund

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