C.A.R.’s EcoBrokers® Practice Greener Real Estate

As President Barack Obama looks to create new jobs and opportunities through green technology, more industries—including real estate—are looking to incorporate eco-friendly techniques into everyday business transactions.

In the December/January issue of CR, we introduced you to the National Association of REALTORS’® Sustainable Living Designation, which is NAR’s official designation for integrating green concepts into REALTOR® business. In addition to this offering, a number of C.A.R. members have taken advantage of another green-specific designation: the EcoBroker® designation.

Since 2002, "EcoBroker®: The Green Designation™" has been training real estate professionals in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and New Zealand how to serve customers with a focus on environmentally-sound real estate practices. Overseen by the Association of Energy and Environmental Real Estate Professionals, the EcoBroker® designation "provide[s] professionals with the resources to be constructive green ambassadors in an ever-changing business and consumer world."

Chicago REALTOR® Erin Duncan, certified EcoBroker® with Saffron Realty Group, was thrilled to learn that the EcoBroker® designation was available for her. "I am new to real estate, and really wanted to find a certification that is reflective of my passion," she recalls. "I searched and found the EcoBroker® designation, and found that I could marry my interests of sustainability and real estate. Additionally, I have been passionate about green living for such a long time, that it was really a natural progression for me."

Similarly, Andrew Magliochetti (CCIM, LEED AP), Principal at sustainability-minded Helios Realty and Development, was pleased to find the EcoBroker® designation as well. "Sustainability is a large part of our business and the EcoBroker® designation is a good way to, at a minimum, learn the basics of ‘green’ real estate," he says. "Our companies have a number of EcoBrokers® and LEED AP’s that add to our credibility and expertise in the space. Sustainability consulting is also a growing line of business and revenue source for our construction company."

Both Duncan and Magliochetti are also in agreement that REALTORS® must join the sustainability movement sooner than later. "It’s our attitude that sustainability is on the fast track to become the norm, rather than the exception," Magliochetti says. “And, if brokers and agents don’t ready themselves for the future through education, they will soon find themselves either playing catch up or left behind."

"I truly believe that our society is changing," adds Duncan, "and that more and more consumers will start to become interested in and have a high demand for sustainable living—and will want their prospective home or business to be energy efficient, with higher indoor air quality, and in general, built to be more environmentally sustainable."

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