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Whole-house makeovers? A travelling carpentry crew? The fundamentals of “staging” can be far from lavish or expensive. At its core, staging is just one component of strategic property marketing. Designed to position any property against the competition in any market, effective staging begins with clutter, cleanliness and repair.

Created by Martha Webb, author and producer of "Dress Your House for Success", this course will give you new skill sets to successfully market any listing, including:

  • Scripts and statistics to address difficult issues like clutter, cleanliness, odors and pets
  • No- and low-cost techniques that create a big impact for the least amount of time, work and money
  • The psychology of color and buyer appeal
  • A Market Analysis PriceGraph (a graphic CMA) to help sellers “visualize” the best pricing strategy
  • Tips for writing property descriptions and taking effective photos to begin selling on the Internet
  • Free marketing tools and products to help motivate sellers

Upon completion, you will have the ability to confidently:

  • Address sensitive subjects in a manner that engages sellers and enhances your value to your customers and prospects
  • Recommend and oversee positioning options that will help a variety of sellers meet their selling goals in any market

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Time: 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Tuition: Members - $149 | Non-Members - $159

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Martha is the author of two books, Dress Your House for Success, which was named one of the Top 10 Great Real Estate Books of the Year, and Finding Home - Buying the House That's Right for You. She is also the producer of the video-based programs by the same name, as well as the "Price Your House for Success" video and the Market Analysis PriceGraph. Learn More About Martha


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