Advocacy Issues & Legislation

Chicagoland Commercial Economic Development Survey

A joint project with CMAP, the Chaddick Institute of DePaul University and the Illinois Association of REALTORS®. Our scope includes but is not limited to:

  • Canvas neighborhood commercial corridors
  • Take note of neighborhood indicators
    • Vacancy rates
    • National vs. local chain ratio
    • Public transit availability
    • Building conditions
    • Vandalism and 311 tracking
  • Map the corridors
  • Research tax rates
    • Check for parity
    • Check for discrepancies
    • Compare differing tax rates
  • Track Aldermanic response to 311 calls
  • Look for logical reasons for vacancy rates in first floor commercial
    • Crime
    • Building condition
    • taxes
    • poor political attention (i.e. services, roads, response time)
  • Draw conclusions and research solutions
    • Why is there a high commercial vacancy rate
    • Is it one specific reason
    • In what ways could CAR help the situation
    • Are the issues on an aldermanic, city or county level?
    • Suggest possible legislation changes, further research or lobbying efforts to be done.

Issues & Legislation

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