Advocacy Issues & Legislation

Chicago REALTORS® Housing Policy Reform Initiative

A multi-fold initiative. This initiative covers several different areas where the Association can weigh in on existing housing policy committees and boards within local government.

These include:

  • Mayor Daley’s Condominium Reform Committee
  • Mayor Daley’s Affordable Housing Task Force
  • Mayor Daley’s Building Code Task Force
  • The Building Commissioner’s Industry Work Group
  • RLTO Reform/Eviction Reform

We are also positioned on several NAR committees and local working groups on NSP dollars and other issues.

Chicago REALTORS® Building Code Reform Coalition

For several months we have looked; within the confines of a coalition ways to reduce the cost of housing outside of the building code (i.e. administrative changes; federal policy changes; other funding sources). With those areas being exhausted we have now researched with Chicago Building Code and are making outreach to other groups to work on code issues. As a result of our efforts, meetings are now taking place with organized labor and the Office of the Mayor.

Issues & Legislation

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