Part One of a Three-Part Series

The Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Social Media

Who’s Using this Web 2.0?

One of the fastest growing areas of the Web is taking this overall sense and coupling it with a sense of cyber-friendship. Community building (or social networking) has grown past the MySpace of yesteryear and has made its way to a computer near you, regardless of your age or technology level.

Want some stats to back this prophecy?

As I said in a recent presentation to the Chicago Women’s Council of Realtors®, “Your clients are already there… take a minute… now read that to your neighbor… YOUR CLIENTS ARE ALREADY THERE!” It’s true. Not only are they there, but they’re talking to their friends–those coveted second-tier sphere clients that you’re always trying to get to. And what are they talking about? Restaurants, pets, music, books, current events and yes you guessed it… real estate.

Social Media, Web 2.0 and the Real Estate Industry

Social Media, and all that it encompasses, is not the silver bullet for your slowing business. It is not about “capturing leads” or simply another way to market your listings. It is a way to connect with past clients, friends and coworkers. It is a safe, information-filled world that allows you to explore, learn and contribute on any level you are comfortable. Most importantly, it is a platform that has given each and every one of us a voice to be heard.

That being said, the first question I often hear is “Where do I begin?” So with that in mind, I wanted to give you an introduction to your “First 90 Days of Social Media.” Over the next couple of months, I will introduce you to not only what you SHOULD be doing with regards to social media, but HOW you should be doing it. Let’s begin.

There are three main places you should focus your energy with regards to social media:

  1. Social Networking (Facebook and LinkedIn)
  2. RSS Syndication (Google Reader)
  3. Online Communication (Twitter, blogs and commenting)
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