2022 YPN Kickball Tournament - Chicago Association of REALTORS®


2022 YPN Kickball Tournament

Thursday, September 8, 2022
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
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Team Tickets (Includes 12): $750
Must be a CAR Member to register a team. Please ensure you indicate the team name when completing your registration. On-site registrations will NOT be accepted for teams.

Individual Player Tickets(Up To 12 Individual Player Spots Open): $63
Individual Players will be placed on a general team. Must be a CAR Member to register.

Spectator/Food & Beverage Only Tickets: $50
A limited number of on-site food & beverage registrations will be available.

Pre-registration will close at 12 PM on Monday, September 5
On-site team & player registrations will NOT be accepted for this event. A limited number of on-site food & beverage registrations will be available.

Parking:  Parking will be available in the lot directly west of the field at 1135 S. Morgan St. Validation for free parking will be available for pick up at the blue Windy City Field House Tent.

Tighten your laces and stretch your legs, because YPN is headed back to the kickball fields! Assemble your all-stars for the kickball tournament of the summer. From the midst of this battle of the brokers (and other real estate professionals), a victor shall emerge and take home the coveted YPN Baller Trophy, eternal glory and bragging rights at all future YPN events.

Can’t commit to a whole day or a team? Don’t sweat it— sign up for a food & beverage ticket to cheer on your friends. Individual player sign-ups are encouraged!


  • Team captains are in charge of completing their team rosters consisting of 12 people, including name, contact info and t-shirt size.
  • At the beginning of each game, team captains will provide a kicking lineup card for use during the game. Once submitted, the lineup cannot change during that game.
  • Once teams have been solidified and the tournament has begun, there will be no substituting of players under any circumstance.


  • Teams are seeded randomly, by blind draw of cards.
  • The top team on the bracket decides if they kick first or last.
  • A Kickball game will last 6 inning max, or 40 minutes.
  • A team continues to kick until they get three outs. The kicking order cannot change during the game.
  • All players may kick, only ten may take the field for defense.
  • The team with the most runs at the end of a game wins.
  • In case of a tie at the end of 40 minutes, the winner will be determined by a single kick off, where both teams try to get the ball closest to a cone placed in center field.
  • WCF management will have final say in all circumstances during play.


  • If a player kicks and fails to put the ball into play after three good pitches (3 strikes).
  • If a player kicks four foul balls.
  • If a player kicks the ball in the air and a defensive player catches it (before the ball touches the ground).
  • If a defensive player tags or throws and hits an offensive player with the ball (below the shoulders) before they get on base.
  • If a defensive player gets the ball to a base before the offensive player arrives.
  • A runner leaves the base before the ball is kicked.
  • A runner runs past a teammate while on base.


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  • 2022 YPN Kickball Tournament

  • Space is limited. Please click here for more information on our event attendance and cancellation policy. A limited quantity of on-site registrations for Food & Beverage only tickets will be accepted, pending availability.

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