Real Estate Safety & Self-Defense: Crime Prevention Seminar


Real Estate Safety & Self-Defense: Crime Prevention Seminar

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
$0 for C.A.R. Members | $15 for Non-Members

This course will be complimentary to members, sponsored by the Education Foundation. Register via the link below.

Learn to Protect Yourself

Safety should be a top priority in your business model. This program will teach you how to put habits, tactics and hardware between yourself and a criminal to dramatically reduce your odds of being a victim of violent crime. Did you know, 1 in 4 REALTORS® report being attacked, threatened or harassed at work? Refuse to be a statistic!

Managing Brokers, bring your agents to this seminar and increase their awareness of good safety habits.

How YOU Benefit As A Real Estate Professional

This program educates Real Estate Professionals on how to be safe when showing properties to new clients or at open houses. It will also cover how to avoid and survive the other dangers they face. This seminar is a powerful educational experience that combines audience participation with demonstration of simple, effective self-defense techniques.

About The Instructor

Featured on radio, newspapers and magazines, Joe Rosner is a crime prevention and self-defense expert with military, law enforcement and professional bodyguard experience. He is the Director of Best Defense USA, and a nationally recognized expert on workplace violence, personal safety and self-defense.

Known for his sense of humor, Joe’s goal is to help people “prepare without the scare.” Not only does he use audience participation and share common sense ideas in his teaching, he has learned and tested simple, effective strategies to recognize and avoid dangerous people and situations.


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