2020 Global Real Estate Conference Virtual Event Series | Chicago Association of REALTORS®


Take a (virtual) trip around the globe with CAR’s Global Council for a five-part Global Conference series highlighting heavy investment areas within Asia, Europe, Africa/Middle Eastern and the Americas! You will hear from dynamic speakers and experts on how to tap into these markets to expand your business and clientele, obtain new marketing resources and identify emerging trends for the new normal. You’ll also learn new data and tools for a strategic advantage, and you’ll get a front-row seat into the emerging markets and international developments worldwide!

Additionally, a gift card raffle will be conducted for the member(s) who attend ALL sessions! The winner will be announced during the September session.

Thank you to our Global Conference Workgroup and Chair Betty Milam, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.

Monday Mornings. Register for each session separately.

August 10th: The Americas – Risks, Opportunity & Adaptation

North America is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the world due to its few restrictions on ownership, ample profit potential and wide variety of opportunities for investors of all classes. Since exiting the economic downturn, North American real estate values have soared to meet or exceed the highs of more than a decade ago. Some analysts believe the market is due for a correction, while others think volatility will rule the day. Our experts will discuss the risks, potential opportunities and creative adaptations that mitigate perils for investors.

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August 17th: Africa – Real Estate Market and Development Opportunities

Africa is emerging as a prime opportunity for real estate development and financial investment, including a surge in FinTech development in several nations. We’ll hear an overview of the African state of affairs and current trends, and gain knowledge on the real estate transaction process and the types of opportunities available to developers and investors. Africa is recognized as having a number of untapped and unrealized opportunities, so if you or your clients are interested in investing where the rewards are as high as the risks, you won’t want to miss this session!

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August 24th: Latin America – Sustainability, Innovation and Investment

With an increased focus on sustainable practices, builders are looking to green real estate development to build more efficient living spaces. This innovation has dramatically changed the face of development over the past several years. Our experts will dive into today’s new building sustainability and innovation practices in Latin American real estate markets, which are offering exciting real estate investment opportunities in the region.

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August 31st: Asia – Economic Engine of the World

According to the 2019 NAR Profile of International Transactions in U.S. Residential Real Estate report, Asia accounted for 27% of all foreign buyers, the largest percentage in the U.S. As the continent is known as the largest economic region across the globe, we will take a closer look into new developments, risks and opportunities that will impact inbound and outbound real estate in the coming years. Additionally, this session will specifically address political risks for global investment and highlight new opportunities and necessary nuances you need to know when working with Asian buyers.

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September 14th: Europe – A View Across the Changing Continent

Join us as we examine the investment environment across an evolving EU landscape. Our panelists will provide a look into the current European economic environment, along with insights on investment opportunities and restrictions for foreign investors. We will journey from the ancient world, to a modern-day global economic leader, to a new economy emerging from decades behind the iron curtain.

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