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Symba is making life as an entrepreneur easier for REALTORS®!

Symba is a mobile-first app built to empower you to manage clients and make intelligent financial decisions. It’s deal tracking, commission forecasting with estimated taxes, bookkeeping, task management and tax filing all in one app.

Make your workload seamless and stress-free, while also creating a clear view of your transaction pipeline and commissions.

Your benefits:

Symba is offering their financial wellness and business planning tool with:

  • A free trial for all CAR members until April 18th, 2023.
  • Continue your subscription and get 50% off:
    • Annual Subscription: $96 $48 per year
    • Monthly Subscription: $15 $7.50 per month

In just one app, you’ll gain access to:

  • Deal tracking
  • Commission forecasting with estimated taxes
  • Bookkeeping
  • Task management
  • Tax filing

Subscribe & start your free trial now through April 18th!

About Symba

Symba was started by a team that combines deep domain experience with a modern understanding of how technology should and will work.

They are real estate agents, brokers and investors. They are also product designers and engineers with experience building e-commerce, proptech and fintech apps like Jungle Scout, RealPage, Venmo and PayPal. Their passion is to help real estate agents succeed well into the future.