A Guide to Assisting Real Estate Professionals | Chicago Association of REALTORS®


Course Description

This course is designed for unlicensed or licensed personal assistants. You’ll learn how to maintain compliance with the Illinois Real Estate License Law as well as the best practices for systems, process, and workflows to enhance efficiencies throughout a real estate transaction.

Managing Brokers and Brokers are welcome and encouraged to attend with their assistant.


Upcoming Courses

Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Cost: $40 Member | $45 Non-Member

8/26/19 CAR | 430 N Michigan
10/21/19 CAR | 430 N Michigan
5/1/20 CAR | 430 N Michigan
10/29/20 CAR | 430 N Michigan


Learning Objectives

  1. Organize follow up and support activities.
  2. Identify due dates, deadlines and termination dates in listing agreements and contracts.
  3. Provide clerical support in preparation of kits, contracts, net sheets and MLS data.
  4. Identify systems, processes and workflows that increase effectiveness.

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