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Our May YPN Breakfast New & Efficient Technology – explored how REALTORS® can use technology to optimize their business.  Some of the topics our panelists discussed included: which marketing tools are useful for personal branding, how to add value to clients through video and which social media platforms shouldn’t be ignored. A recap of April’s YPN Breakfast is available here.

This month’s panelists included:

  • Nick Libert, EXIT Strategy Realty
  • Julian Tillotson, INDIRAP











Marketing and Branding Go Hand-in-Hand

Julian Tillotson said REALTORS® are brands, and one of the first steps to take when planning out content should be to create a brand overview. “You’ve got to put yourself in your clients shoes,” Tillotson said. “What’s the first ting they’re going to want to know?”

He said everyone sees what they can find out about a company on Google before they decide to do business, so you should decide what message you want to send before you’re interacting with a client directly.

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Gauging Success For Content

What makes a video or other piece of content “successful” depends on the goals you had in mind when creating it, Tillotson said. But a video that can add value to your audience should do three things: Engage, Entertain and Educate. “You can’t just do one,” he said. “It’s the three that make content valuable and worth looking at.”

He said to ask these questions about your content to make sure its valuable and aligns with your goals:

  • What’s the end goal for this?
  • Who is the viewer?
  • How do I want this to affect them?
  • What do I want them to takeaway from this?
  • How will this benefit my brand?

Want to learn more about branding? “Managing Your Personal Brand” has  in-depth tips from YPN alums.


Nick Libert said Facebook Live and Instagram Stories are great tools for attracting an audience because both appear and push new content to the top of your feed.

For REALTORS® just starting out, using social media to film is a quick and cost-effective way to create content. Tillotson said at the end of the day, an expensive camera isn’t important. “It’s about the story you’re telling.”

After you’ve recorded a Facebook Live or live Instagram Story, it’s important to save and post that video on other platforms. Libert said repurposing your content is key to building a video library, which can be useful for attracting new business and helping to establish you as an expert. When a client recently called asking “What if this property doesn’t appraise out?,” Libert sent a video that answered all of their questions.

New to Facebook Live? Read “Get Engaged. Get Facebook Live” for everything you need to know to get started.


Libert said you need to get personal with your database and shouldn’t just rely on blast emails. Create a cloud CMA and drop it off to anyone you have sold a home to within the last five years. Don’t just email – stop by or drop it in the mail, as we’ve all become oversaturated with emails.


Explain what is happening in the market visually! It can be faster and easier to communicate lower inventory with a graph than with a couple paragraphs. You don’t even need to be an artist! CAR offers access to Fast Stats – charts explaining the market that are ready to download, post and share. Access them here.


Do you have a year-long content planning calendar? Work ahead by planning out marketing events you’d like to host, or blog post topics that allow you to share your knowledge and expertise as a trusted advisor. Ready to get started? Our throwback blog has tips and a downloadable calendar you can use!

Join us on June 27th for our next YPN Breakfast – Investing as a REALTOR®