10 Ways to Boost Your Sustainability Expertise | Chicago Association of REALTORS®
  1. Attend a CAR Sustainability training session to learn about a new topic. Check out our upcoming training sessions.
  2. Email clients and friends to have their ComEd Energy Assessment.
  3. Give sustainable closing gifts to your clients, such as a smart thermostat, a subscription to a composting service or MightyNest, a subscription service that sends green home products each month to members.
  4. Post about sustainability best practices on your social media. Your clients will love the tips and will help set you apart from the crowd. Tips and resources can be found here.
  5. Help your office shrink its footprint by improving recycling options or switching to reusable supplies.
  6. Go through past sales and see which clients might be a good fit for solar. Email them information on the credits and incentives they could receive for participating in solar initiatives.
  7. Read up on the city, state and federal laws that will shape sustainability. Tell your elected officials to prioritize them.
  8. Ask your managing broker to set up a sustainability training session. We have great presenters available to come to your office and share their knowledge. Contact us for more information.
  9. Share your ideas on how REALTORS® can contribute to sustainability.
  10. Get another broker involved! The more people partaking in the initiative, the better for our environment!