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SentriLock Lockboxes provide security for your clients’ most valuable investment. It still gives you, those you designate, and other valid SentriLock Members quick and easy access into the property. The lockbox in combination with the SentriKey Real Estate App is a powerful combination for your business. SentriLock Lockboxes are available for purchase and use by SentriLock Members.

$129.99 + Tax

*NEW* Online Ordering

All SentriLock Lockbox Orders can now be placed online. Visit our Online Store to easily and conveniently order your lockbox. Enjoy free shipping courtesy of our CAR2U program!

Log-in using the same username and password to pay your dues.

Introducing the SentriGuard Lockbox!

Chicago REALTORS® may now purchase online the latest lockbox from SentriLock, the SentriGuard Lockbox.

The SentriGuard Lockbox has many improvements and enhanced features such as:

  • Significantly longer battery life with built-in battery backup
  • Enlarged drop-down key bin for easy storage and retrieval
  • High attack resistance and durability
  • Controlled access via SentriConnect or FlexCodes™
  • Bluetooth® 5.1 for fast operation and data transfers
  • 2-second unlocking with NFC-enabled Touch-N-Show®
  • Environmentally friendly

Visit SentriLock’s website to learn more about the new features to the SentriGuard box.


Do you have a Non-Bluetooth lockbox and wish to upgrade? Trade in your old lockboxes and receive a 15% discount on your purchase of a new lockbox!