Join SentriLock

Become a SentriLock Member today to easily and conveniently access SentriLock lockboxes from your Smartphone using the SentriKey Real Estate App! You’ll never have to ask for a 1-Day Code again! The primary advantage to using the app is that it’s readily available and does not need to be updated. You must have a valid and paid SentriLock Membership in order to have access to the SentriKey Real Estate App.

SentriLock Membership is a two-year service agreement with SentriLock and gives you immediate access to the SentriKey Real Estate App. The annual fee is $99.00 plus sales tax and SentriLock’s renewal is June 1st of each year.

Once your SentriLock Membership has been processed, you will receive an Activation Email from SentriLock. Follow the email instructions to complete your registration and pay your initial membership fee.

SentriLock’s Initial Membership Fee is prorated on a quarterly basis. The annual fee is $99.00 plus sales tax and SentriLock’s renewal is June 1st of each year.

If joining SentriLock during the following months…Then your Initial Fee is
April 15 – August$99.00
September – November$74.25
December – February$49.50
March – April 14$24.75

Please note it will be your responsibility to keep your SentriLock Membership in good standing and pay the annual fee of $99.00 plus sales tax directly to SentriLock each year by June 1st. A reactivation fee will apply if you do not renew your membership annually. SentriLock Membership is not included with your annual REATLOR® Dues.

Once fully registered, download the SentriKey Real Estate App from the App Store or Google Play and sign-in using the log-in credentials you created during registration.

To learn all of the features of your SentriKey Real Estate App, visit for Instructional Videos and FAQs.

Please note that after your agreement is signed, it may take up to one (1) business day for you to receive your SentriLock Activation Email.