REALTOR® Code of Ethics

NAR’s Code of Ethics distinguishes REALTORS® from other real estate agents and is universally recognized by practitioners, lawyers and laymen alike as the measure of professionalism in real estate. When you abide by the Code, it assures your fellow practitioners and the public of a high standard of business conduct.

Updated annually, in response to changes in the industry, each REALTOR® needs to review the Code when these changes occur, and mandatory triennial training is required for all REALTORS®.

If a business practice issue or monetary dispute occurs during a transaction, the Code requires that REALTORS® file an ethics complaint or request for arbitration, before they litigate. This process is designed to educate practitioners on appropriate business practices and resolve commission disputes in an expedient and non-costly manner. The Code of Ethics is also an excellent Risk Management tool. Include a copy in your listing presentation packet, to educate clients on the “REALTOR® difference.”

Additionally, Section 8.14 of our bylaws discusses the policy relating to the security of listed property. If you feel that an agent has breached this bylaw, click here to download a Quality Control form. Click here to view Section 8.14 of our bylaws.