Marketing Resources

Marketing is the key to success in any business. A revamped marketing plan may be just what you need to attract more clients. Here we have gathered a wealth of resources for you to do just that.

Advertising Guidelines

Free, Downloadable Resources


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To access CAR, REALTOR® and Equal Housing Opportunity logos, click here.

Branded Zoom Backgrounds

We’ve created a variety of branded Zoom templates for all your digital learning, virtual meetings, and more. Access and download here.

REALTOR® Magazine Online Resources

The National Association of REALTORS® has an extensive library of marketing articles, tools & techniques. We’ve picked a few popular links here for your benefit.

Handouts for Consumers

Field Guides

The National Association of REALTORS® has done your research for you. When you are looking for information regarding a subject take advantage of this one stop resource. Field guides include links to articles, books, websites, statistics & more.

Links to choice field guides:

From NAR: About Competition.Realtor

To promote transparency in the way the real estate market operates, the National Association of REALTORS® provides many resources on

The website serves as an information hub about how REALTORS® and local MLS broker marketplaces create competitive, efficient, pro-consumer markets.

Reference key points with your clients to explain the competitive nature of the market and the critical role MLSs and REALTORS® (like you!) play in advancing consumers’ interests.

Download and share fact sheets, articles, FAQs and infographics, like 179 Ways Agents Who Are REALTORS® Are Worth Every Penny of Their Compensation, that explain the current real estate landscape, provide updates on NAR actions and legal matters, and illustrate how REALTORS® are serving as consumer champions across the country.


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