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Designations and Hot Topics

Designations and certifications acknowledge experience and expertise in the industry. REALTORS® Real Estate School’s Hot Topic Programs are keep you on top of the hottest trends in the industry. Read More

Commercial Courses

REALTORS® Real Estate School's Commercial Courses are designed to increase skills, proficiency, and knowledge in the commercial industry. They include a variety of course types including CE, Hot Topics, and Certifications. Read More

A Career in Real Estate

Begin your career in real estate with our Broker Licensing Course. Learn the requirements to obtain a Broker's license, and sign up to get started today. Read More

Licensing Programs

Complete the courses necessary to become a Broker, Managing Broker, or Leasing Agent. Classes are available in the classroom, self-study or online. Read More

Continuing Education Courses

REALTORS® Real Estate School offers the courses you need to renew your license. Continuing Education courses are available for Brokers, Managing Brokers and Leasing Agents. Read More

Member Training

Chicago Association of REALTORS® members have access to training programs to stay fully informed on the skills you need to succeed. Read More