Report A Violation

As REALTORS®, you are looked to as a trusted resource to navigate the complexities of buying, selling, leasing or investing in real estate. Beyond the steps of the process is the trust given to you to access someone’s home. Whether you are a listing agent or cooperating broker, maintaining that trust and ensuring the security of all properties is crucial to our industry and public safety. When a REALTOR® accesses a property without authorization, accesses a property inconsistent with prior authorization or provides someone else access to a property without authorization, that trust is immediately broken. It can also create a potentially dangerous scenario for everyone entering that home without authorization, and that REALTOR® could be in violation of both the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and SentriLock’s System Agreement.

To get started, choose from one of the options below.

Unauthorized Access to A Property

Did someone access a property without authorization or outside of a confirmed appointment window? File an Ethics Citation Complaint for unauthorized access – most commonly an Article 3-9 violation.

Sharing SentriLock Accounts/Credentials

The integrity of the SentriLock system can only be maintained when authorized users are accessing the system. Report violations of SentriLock’s System Agreement such as sharing of SentriLock user information, App log-ins, or PINs.