CAR has adopted the National Association of REALTORS® mandatory mediation requirement, which requires all parties who file for mandatory arbitration to attempt to resolve their dispute through mediation first, prior to going through arbitration. Mediation is a complimentary member benefit compared to an arbitration request which has a $500 filing fee.

There are a plethora of advantages to choosing mediation over arbitration, where the panel of arbitrators’ decision is final and binding. Mediation brings the disputing parties together in an atmosphere conducive to dialogue and conciliation, encouraging them to work together to reach a mutually acceptable resolution; mediation can be a positive experience for those who participate as all parties are working together to create their own solution. Mediation is frequently a “win-win” situation for everyone and helps keep relationships intact. Since the start of our program, we have seen an over 90% success rate in resolving commission disputes through mediation!