Upgrade & Recycle Program

Trade in your Non-Bluetooth SentriLock Lockboxes and receive a 15% discount on your purchase of a new SentriLock Lockbox!

SentriLock Lockboxes Eligible For the Discount

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How Does it Work?

  1. Confirm you have an eligible SentriLock Lockbox to upgrade. Only Non-Bluetooth SentriLock Lockboxes may be upgraded and receive an upgrade discount.
  2. Schedule an appointment to bring in the non-Bluetooth lockbox(es) you wish to upgrade to our office at 430 N Michigan Ave, 8th Floor. 
  3. Purchase your new lockbox(es) on-site and receive a 15% discount!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my lockbox is a non-Bluetooth lockbox?

If you have a silver metal lockbox or a blue lockbox, those lockboxes are eligible for the upgrade/recycle discount as they do not have Bluetooth technology. The white SentriLock lockboxes are not eligible for the upgrade/recycle discount as they are Bluetooth enabled.

Do I have to give you my non-Bluetooth lockbox when upgrading to the latest SentriLock Lockbox?

Yes. In order to receive your 15% discount, you must trade-in your old non-Bluetooth lockbox. Be sure to bring your non-Bluetooth lockbox with you and remove any keys prior to arriving at our office.

Is there a limit on the number of lockboxes I can upgrade?

No. As long as the lockboxes you are upgrading are non-Bluetooth SentriLock Lockboxes, you may bring in multiple lockboxes at the same time and receive the 15% upgrade discount on each. Any discount is offered 1-to-1 in the same visit.

Can I trade in non-Bluetooth Lockboxes now and receive a 15% credit for future lockbox purchases?

No. When upgrading your non-Bluetooth lockbox(es), you must purchase on-site in the same visit your new lockbox(es) in order to receive the 15% discount. Any discount is offered 1-to-1 in the same visit. No future discount credit will be offered if a member brings in more non-Bluetooth lockboxes than the number of new lockboxes they purchase. 

If you do not need to upgrade all of your non-Bluetooth lockboxes but still wish to recycle them, you are welcome to bring them in and we will responsibly recycle them for you.

I don’t need to purchase a new lockbox, but I have non-Bluetooth lockboxes that I want to recycle. Can I just drop them off to be recycled?

Yes! You may drop off your non-Bluetooth SentriLock Lockbox(es) at our office at 430 N Michigan Ave, 8th Floor. Visit us Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm. Be sure to remove any keys prior to bringing in your lockbox(es).

Can I bring in any non-Bluetooth lockbox to receive the upgrade discount?

No. The non-Bluetooth lockbox must be one of the 2 eligible non-Bluetooth SentriLock Lockboxes above. Any combination-type lockboxes or electronic lockboxes that are not SentriLock specific lockboxes are not eligible for the upgrade discount. 

How is CAR recycling the non-Bluetooth lockboxes?

CAR has partnered with a local electronics recycling company to responsibly recycle all non-Bluetooth lockboxes. Except for the batteries, all SentriLock lockboxes are entirely recyclable. Once you drop-off your non-Bluetooth lockbox, your box will be recycled by our recycling partner.

Still Have Questions? Contact our Member Care Team via email at membership@chicagorealtor.com or by phone at 312-803-4900