Terminate a Broker Form | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

In order to terminate (or drop) an agent, the managing broker must submit a completed this Termination/Drop Form to
CAR, along with a copy of the agent’s signed-off license (if available). CAR will then remove the agent from the
office’s roster. The office will not be responsible for any membership dues or MLS user fees incurred by a terminated
agent but the office (aka managing broker) will be responsible for any fines, photo charges, transfer fees, etc.

  1. In order to terminate sponsorship, the sponsoring broker must:
  2. Sign the license of the sponsored licensee, indicate “terminated,” and mark the date of the termination.
  3. Submit a copy of the endorsed license to IDFPR within 2 business days after termination by signature restricted mail delivery or fax to 217-782-3390.
  4. Submit a copy of the endorsed license to CAR within 2 business days after termination. CAR must have a copy of either the signed-off license (or a letter from the Managing Broker on Company letterhead which contains both the name and license number of the sponsoring firm, name and license number of the licensee being terminated, and date of termination) in order to remove the agent from the office roster.
  5. Retain a copy of the endorsed license at least until the next renewal date.
  6. Give the original endorsed license to the licensee.

If a managing broker of an office is being replaced by someone else, the office must contact IDFPR to make the changes on the office’s license as well as on the licenses of the individuals involved. Then the new broker may submit a copy of the licenses (office and broker) to CAR in order to be assigned as the managing broker of the office as well as notify CAR of the status of the outgoing broker. If the outgoing broker will remain with the office, CAR will reassign them as an agent. If the outgoing broker is leaving the office altogether, the new broker must submit a termination notice for the outgoing broker. If the incoming broker is not currently a member of CAR, the must submit a new member application and pay applicable dues. An MLS Participation Agreement and the MLS start-up fee would not be required of a new broker taking over an existing office. (NOTE: All the
appropriate forms necessary to make these changes are available on our website.)

NOTE: In most cases, the managing broker of the office is responsible for the endorsement required of the sponsoring broker. However, in the event the managing broker is unavailable, any broker authorized to sign on behalf of the sponsoring broker may provide the endorsement. Either the sponsoring broker or the sponsored licensee may demand the endorsement of the licensee. Failure of the sponsoring broker to endorse the license upon demand may subject the sponsoring broker (or managing broker) to discipline. The reason for this is IDFPR has complete jurisdiction over each license. However, the endorsement should not preclude either the sponsoring broker or sponsored licensee from pursuing any right or obligation pursuant the terms of the written employment agreement, or pursuant to any other civil remedy. See Section 5-40(b) of the Act and Rule 1450.75

Terminate a Broker Form

  • Please upload a supporting document for termination.