Leverage a single platform to manage lockboxes, showings, and property access – while creating more amazing experiences for clients!

A SentriLock Membership is a secure and reliable solution allowing you to easily and securely manage and access SentriLock lockboxes from your Smartphone.

Their lockboxes are some of the most advanced lockboxes on the market, and their system allows for trackable access to your SentriLock lockboxes. Access to a SentriLock lockbox is flexible for all situations – grant temporary secure access to a lockbox on a certain day, at a certain time, and for a certain duration to a specified non-SentriLock member using SentriConnect®.

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Join SentriLock

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Purchase SentriLock Bluetooth Lockboxes through our online storefront. We’ll ship them to you for free! Read More

Request Batteries or Power Paddle

Submit an online request for replacement batteries or a Power Paddle. We’ll ship them to you for free! Read More

Replace Defective Lockbox

If your lockbox is under warranty and SentriLock has deemed it defective, submit this online request to receive a warranty replacement lockbox. Read More

Report a Violation

Did someone access a property without authorization? Or are you aware of members sharing SentriLock log-ins or codes? These need to be reported to protect the consumer and integrity of our industry. Read More

Additional Resources & FAQ

Learn more about troubleshooting tips, how to grant temporary access to a lockbox, how to transfer your lockbox to a new owner, and answers to frequently asked questions. Read More