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CHAC – The Chicago Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Chicago Housing Choice Voucher Program is administered by CHAC, Inc., a private company under contract with the Chicago Housing Authority. CHAC’s mission is to transform the program, creating a national model for private administration of voucher programs.

Transfer Tax

A transfer tax is a state or local tax payable when title passes from one owner to another. Most states require some form of transfer tax, conveyance fee, or tax stamps on real estate conveyances. This expense is most often borne by the seller, although customs vary. Many cities and local municipalities also charge transfer taxes. Responsibility for these charges varies according to local practice.

In Illinois state and county transfer taxes are usually paid by the seller, in accordance with most sales contracts. However, local ordinances usually establish which party is responsible for paying municipal transfer taxes. If there is no ordinance, then payment of local transfer taxes must be negotiated between the parties.

Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance

The Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance is an association of private fair housing organizations, governmental bodies, and other concerned groups in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Department of Buildings

The City of Chicago Department of Buildings is dedicated to advancing public safety through code enforcement, community partnerships and creative use of technology to make Chicago a safe place to live, work and play.

Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities

MOPD seeks to meet the diverse needs of the more than 600,000 people with disabilities who live and work in Chicago. The agency’s goal is to make Chicago the most accessible city in the nation!

Fire Department

Promotes fire safety, emergency care and extinguishment of fires.

Department of Housing and Economic Development

Creating affordable and accessible home ownership opportunities and rental options for all residents. DOH targets Singles, Working families, Seniors, First-time home buyers and renters, Owners in need of home repairs, rehab or tax relief.


The CPD website is designed to provide general information about the Chicago Police Deptarment and the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy. You will also find information on how you can make your neighborhood a safer, more enjoyable place to live.

Streets and Sanitation

Information regarding one of the largest city departments.