Tell Your Story - Appraisals

Many communities feel that appraisals have devalued their neighborhoods. Although appraisers are a licensed profession, we want to provide you a means to tell your story (or stories) regarding appraisals you feel are unjust on the basis of race, gender, geography, etc. We’re gathering your stories so we can begin to assess how best to drive attention to the issue.

Please note: This form does NOT take the place of a formal complaint and any story submitted is for informational purposes only. After submitting your story, if you would like to file a formal complaint, please contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Please fill out one form for each property.

Tell Your Story – Appraisals

  • Including if the appraiser used comps from outside the immediate area, if the appraiser was from a different geographical area, etc.
  • (Including when the dispute happened, any comps provided by you, if a challenge was filed and what that challenge rendered, if a second appraisal was ordered, any extreme actions taken by the client in order to get a better result such as removing family photos, heritage specific decorations, etc.)
  • Did the deal go through or did it fall apart? How much money was lost by the property owner? Etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.