Airbnb and Other Shared Housing Services | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

The Chicago Association of REALTORS® supports the ability of those who are allowed to take advantage of hosting their condominium or apartment on Airbnb or a similar service to do so.

The Association, however, feels strongly that in order for a unit owner in a condominium building or an apartment building to host Airbnb or a similar service, the renter or unit owner must have written permission of the condominium board or the landlord to participate.

Moreover, we have urged Airbnb, specifically, to require hosts to provide written proof of their respective host’s landlord or condo board permission before listing their property as available for rental. We urge the City of Chicago to look at a similar requirement.

For apartment renters, the Association believes hosting Airbnb or a similar shared housing service may be a violation of the “no sublet” clause within many leases, and may be cause for termination of the lease.

Condominium unit owners who fail to have written permission from their condominium association by hosting Airbnb or a similar service may also be subject to and run the risk of fines from their condominium association. Condominium unit owners are urged to review their condominium board policies closely.  Further, condominium associations without a shared housing policy are urged to create one.

The Association feels written permission from the condominium association or the landlord provides protection for hosts and their clients in these popular transactions.

Questions? Please contact Brian A. Bernardoni, Senior Director of Government Affairs.