Autumn 2022: From the CEO

Success in real estate hinges on the relationships made between a REALTOR® and client. As we all know, relationships are reciprocal, and communication is vital. As important as it is to know your clients and their wants and desires, they should also be able to get to know and trust you. They want you to share your story as much as you want them to share theirs.

Podcasting is a popular storytelling and education tool many of you are using to share your expertise with clients, peers and the general public. I encourage you to also use podcasting to share your passions and intersect your personal life with your professional one.

This is an area I am familiar with as co-host of a podcast called Texts to Table. As many of you know, diversity, equity and inclusion is a passion of mine, professionally and personally. My three co-hosts and I are all Black CEOs in the association world, and we bring our text conversations into an open forum to share uplifting stories about race and leadership from the Black experience, while creating a shared community for others to do the same.

Texts to Table has given me the opportunity to connect with not only those in the real estate industry, but people across a variety of professions. By sharing my story, I can help positively impact other Black professionals who will have similar experiences.

We all have unique passions and areas of expertise, and by using this platform, we can combine our personal and professional passions to further ourselves in all aspects of our lives. If you’ve been looking for a reason to start your own podcast, take the leap and do it! We all deserve the chance to share our stories.