Back to Basics: 8 Actionable Business Tips


Good Business Habits Stem From A Strong CRM System

  • Create a database as soon as possible, and track everything: birthdays, anniversaries, lease renewal dates, text message conversations, follow-up dates and more. Who goes into your database? Everyone you know.
  • CRMs do not have to be complicated. Pick something that works for you! Google Spreadsheets work for some people as much as formal software does for others.

Treat Follow-Ups As Relationship Building

  • Forming and maintaining business relationships is about the long game. Stay top-of-mind with respectful, personalized follow-ups! Use your CRM to send move-in anniversary emails or birthday notes.
  • Create follow-up systems you can sustain. Between emails, text messages, phone calls, letters, postcards and more, customize your process to something authentic to you.
  • Work smarter, not harder! Set templatized email responses for the questions you get the most. Format an official checklist or timeline document for the start of every new client relationship.

Your Ultimate Goal Is To Create A Positive Experience

  • You are an educator! Listen to people’s goals and motivations, supply information with intention and communicate often. By leading with knowledge first, you’re creating a great transaction experience.
  • Establish a timeline from the start. It should include when specific things will happen and who makes what decisions and when. This timeline will help prevent miscommunication.

You Are Not Alone: Lean On Support Systems

  • The association has networking groups and communities with other REALTORS® going through similar situations to you! Connect with YPN, Global Real Estate Council, CommercialForum and more.
  • Be intentional about the events and classes you choose to attend. Pick topics that interest you or market areas you want to work in. You will meet like-minded people.


From “How You Can Niche Your Way to Six Figures”

By niching down, you’re not turning away business. You’re heightening it. Networking already exists in your friends and family and their friends and family. Start small or start off in areas like leasing, then when people are ready, and you’re advertising your expertise, they’ll reach out to you.

From “Breaking Down Basics: Converting Renters to Buyers”

A CRM is the most valuable thing you can have. The more you can grow your breadth of clients and people that know you, the more you will get back.

From “Challenging Hustle Culture”

A respectful thing to do if you’re sending something over the weekend or getting caught up on a Saturday night is to say, “Hey, look, no need to respond to this right away. Just wanted to get this in motion. Let me know sometime tomorrow when you have a chance.” Give them permission to not respond right away. There’s a lot of subtle things we can be doing as agents to help support each other and to create some space between when we’re working and we’re not.

From “Why You Should Add Luxury Rental to Your Business”

It’s very important to know the inventory like the back of your hand. In the first three months, make an excel sheet of buildings and neighborhoods, and go tour the buildings to get to know the inventory. Try to tour about three to eight a day.