How to Buy Parking Permits in Bulk | Chicago Association of REALTORS®

The City Clerk’s office has released information that will allow you to buy REALTOR® Parking Permits in bulk. Managing brokers may use this information to purchase permits on behalf of your brokers, and offices may submit broker applications in bulk.

How Can I Apply?

Each individual applicant must complete the entire application form, available here. The third page in the application allows the City Clerk’s office to run the mandatory debt check without the applicant having to come to City Hall in person.

All applications must also include photocopies of:

  • An up-to-date government-issued photo ID
  • State vehicle registration card
  • A copy of a valid, unexpired Illinois Professional Real Estate License or IDFPR “Pocket Card,” which can be obtained here.

Checks to pay for the permits may come from individuals or one big check for all applicants. The City Clerk’s office can only take credit cards in person.

The Managing Broker or someone in the office should bundle together all the individual applications and deliver in person or via mail to Castalia Serna, Director of External Affairs for the City Clerk.

Professional Service Parking Permit Information


  • The Professional Service Parking Permit is only available to licensed brokers to prevent abuse.
  • All fees due to the city must be paid prior to obtaining your permit.
  • The sticker attaches to the VIN and is nontransferable.
  • The 12-month pass costs 500 dollars for city residents, and 800 dollars for suburban ones. A two-year option is available.
  • The permit allows for parking seven days a week, 9AM – 9PM, in all residential zoned parking areas. This does not, however, allow for parking in bus lanes, metered parking, loading zones or disabled parking, nor does it allow for parking during sporting or other special events.
  • You must be in the business of real estate when using the permit! This permit is not for personal use, so please only use it for open houses, showings, listing presentations, etc.


Contact Castalia Serna at (312) 744-4277.