Call for Action: Tell Your Alderperson Fairness is Needed in the RLTO

For years, the Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (RLTO) has put landlords and housing providers at a disadvantage. Alderman Brian Hopkins is sponsoring O2021-1911, which amends the current, outdated RLTO adopted in 1986. The new amendments bring basic fairness to the legislation without stripping tenants of their rights.

Take 2 Minutes & Tell your Alderperson a hearing is needed for this new amendment.

Ordinance O2021-1911 will:
  • help landlords avoid large penalties for what are usually minimal, accidental violations with the introduction of a cure period
  • provide judges discretion when judgments are rendered
  • allow electronic distribution of leases, lease riders and required City of Chicago addendums (a much-needed update for the digital age!)
  • provide gender neutrality throughout the Ordinance
This call for action is particularly important if your alderperson is:
  • Pat Dowell, 3rd Ward
  • Gregory Mitchell, 7th Ward
  • Michelle Harris, 8th Ward
  • Marty Quinn, 13th Ward
  • Raymond Lopez, 15th Ward
  • David Moore, 17th Ward
  • Walter Burnett, 27th Ward
  • Scott Waguespack, 32nd Ward
  • Carrie Austin, 34th Ward
  • Anthony Napolitano, 41st Ward
  • James Cappleman, 46th Ward


We’ve made it easy for you. Click here to take two minutes and send a note to your Alderperson. Let them know this amendment needs a fair hearing!

By doing so, you are protecting our industry. Don’t wait.