CAR Donates Smoke Detectors on Near West Side

On November 2, the Chicago Association of REALTORS® Foundation Board of Trustees participated in a Smoke Detector Giveaway hosted by the American Red Cross of Chicago and Northern Illinois. Maurice Hampton, the President of Chicago Association of REALTORS®, said it’s important for CAR to be involved in events like these.
“REALTORS® not only want to sell you a home but also help you keep and preserve your home,” Hampton said.
CAR’s Board of Trustees Chair Julie Harron and Treasurer Rachel Scheid led the effort. Joined by a small contingent (approximately half a dozen), the REALTORS® met at the Red Cross headquarters on the Near Westside and, after receiving a safety and installation briefing, the REALTORS® hit the streets. The Red Cross pre-selected the homes that would receive the smoke detectors and the recipients were notified the day before.  In Homan Square and West Humboldt Park, REALTORS® installed smoke detectors in residential homes that needed them.
The home visits did more than supply smoke detectors where needed; it was also an opportunity to discuss fire safety. During the visit, homeowners were given instructions on proper escape routes, the benefits of sleeping with doors closed and making sure keys are readily available if an exit door locks from the inside.
The Red Cross distributes smoke detectors with a 10-year lithium battery – which is standard throughout much of the country.  Replaceable batteries were often tampered with or neglected to be serviced when needed. Also, remember, it is the responsibility of property managers to install smoke detectors. The Red Cross told the volunteers if you know someone or encounter someone in the City of Chicago who needs a smoke detector, call 311 (or sign up online) to be listed for a future installation.
To learn how to better prepare your home or to know what to share with clients about fire life safety, click here to see the FAQ from the American Red Cross. To learn more about the CAR Foundation, please contact Jakeeva Lee.