CAR Leadership Meets with Ukrainian Real Estate Representative

Last week, Igor Balaka, vice president of the Ukrainian REALTORS® Association and head of the committee for real estate and Investments of the Kharkiv branch of the European Business Association, met with the Global Real Estate Council leadership and our officers. He shared the current realities and devastation Ukraine has experienced due to the ongoing war with Russia. He also toured the REALTOR® Building and the adjacent Plaza of the Americas.

This meeting took place just hours after President Joe Biden announced a proposal to Congress asking for $33 billion in aid for Ukraine. Balaka indicated his gratitude.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to director Vicky Silvano, COMPASS, who presented us this opportunity as a member of NAR’s Global team, and to Dimitry Selektor, the National Association of REALTORS® Global Ambassador to Ukraine, who was Balaka’s travel aide and translator during his time in the United States.

Looking for ways to directly support the people of Ukraine?

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