Chicago REALTOR® Michael LaFargue Supports CTA Development Project

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) recently announced its plans for a megaproject, which will result in a 5.3-mile extension of the CTA Red Line to Chicago’s Riverdale community as well as transit-oriented development around each proposed station.

Michael LaFargue, Red Line Extension Coalition, MarySue Barrett, Metropolitan Planning Council, Samir Mayekar, City of Chicago, Dorval Carter, Chicago Transit Authority, Alderman Howard Brookins, 21st Ward, and Melvin Thompson, The Endeleo Institute

On August 22nd, the CTA held a press conference to give more information about part of the project, which is a $280 million investment at 95th and State Street. This project will develop and modernize the area, which currently has numerous vacant lots. The CTA has hired the Metropolitan Planning Council to gather community input on the development to understand what they need and want to see fill the vacant spaces. Chicago REALTOR® Michael LaFargue, Coldwell Banker Residential, was in attendance to represent the Red Line Extension Coalition and show support for this important project.
“REALTORS® are community leaders. They know the pulse of our communities and intrinsically understand economic development,” Kristopher J. Anderson, Chicago Association of REALTORS® Director of External and Government Affairs, said. “Mr. LaFargue being involved in this crucial development project is not a surprise. He continues to be an example of how REALTORS® make their voices heard to influence public policy and spur community development.” LaFargue is president of the Red Line Extension Coalition, a grassroots community organization focused on the development and safety of our transportation systems. In recognition of his charitable work,  LaFargue was the recipient of a 2018 National Association of REALTORS® Good Neighbor Award.
Thank you for representing us, Michael! #ThatsWhoWeR