Help Your Clients Make Smarter Decisions About Their Home

We’ve talked extensively about smart homes and smart technology – but what can the REALTOR® do to help homeowners make smarter decisions about their home and eliminate some of the anxiety that comes with technology and appliance upkeep? Simply knowing all of the what, where, when and how the technology in a home works can be overwhelming, and is often left to the homeowner to learn by trial and error. But, what if there was an app designed to make it easier to live in, care for and reap the full benefits of the most expensive asset most of your clients will ever own, branded with your information? Enter Centriq, C.A.R.’s newest member perk. Centriq is the solution to smart home and appliance headaches, and a custom branding solution for you to stay top of mind for your clients.


Simply snap a photo of the nameplate of any appliance. Centriq will automatically bring up the user manuals, common spare parts that are linked to Amazon for easy, one-click purchasing, product recall alerts and how-to videos from tech experts. The homeowner can store any other important information about their home, and they can even record video notes, so they never forget how to do something, even if the task is infrequent, like programming a sprinkler controller. Centriq also sends the homeowner regular, useful maintenance alerts and tips based on where they live and the technology they have in their home. This drives homeowner engagement and ensures your branding is seen dozens of times each year. Plus, that honey-do list can now be tackled with ease. Centriq’s partnership with This Old House provides direct, in-app access to comprehensive content any DIYer might need to stay on top of home maintenance.


For Chicago REALTORS® whose clients are selling, buying or building a home that has smart technology installed, this is a great opportunity to ensure the information for that technology – like how-to manuals, installer information and receipts – are in one, convenient place. For a small fee, you can brand the app for your clients, ensuring you stay in front of your clients as a resource for years to come. Plus, Centriq is a 2017 National Association of REALTORS® Reach Accelerator company, and winner of the National Association of Homebuilders’ 2016 Game Changer Award.


Chicago REALTORS® qualify for a discount on Centriq’s annual unlimited users plan: $299 (normally $349) and a waived set-up fee. Not ready to commit to unlimited plan? Chicago REALTORS® can opt to pay $4.95 for each active user annually, plus a discounted $39 set-up fee (normally $49).