Coffee With Your GADs October 2020 Recap

Each month, the Chicago Association of REALTORS® hosts Coffee With Your GADs to keep you updated on what is happening in the government that affects your business. Watch the playback from our October 6 meeting to hear about local, state and national updates:

Presidential Advisory Group

CAR has assembled a Presidential Advisory Group to help guide the leadership of CAR on important items for the Assessor’s office. This group will work with CAR to provide a way to prepare for valuations and assessments, discuss the process with the Assessor’s office and share this information with members.

Merger of Recorder of Deeds and Clerks Office

On Dec. 7, the Recorder of Deeds will merge with the Clerks office, decreasing staff by over 60 people.  This could lead to title company delays or other problems. If an issue arises with the Recorder of Deeds Office, contact our GADs so they can ensure these issues do not continue. In 2021, this merger is supposed to save the county over $1 million. Our GADs believe this is a good move by the county as long as the processes remain efficient. County Clerk Karen Yarbrough will be joining CAR at the next Coffee with Your GADs event on November 10 to discuss this merger. Register today!

Re-Emergence of the Property Management Forum

The Property Management Forum is gearing up to relaunch the group by creating more meaningful education options, and they are looking for new people to join the group. Anyone with property management experience can volunteer by contacting our GADs.