Cold Weather Tips for Property Managers and Landlords

During the winter season, it’s important to be proactive in protecting your tenants and property from the elements, and our Property Management Forum is sharing their tips. We encourage you to reach out to your tenants with the following cold weather tips to avoid larger issues in the future:
  • Increase your thermostat’s temperature 2 to 3 degrees on extra cold days
  • Leave cabinet doors open if pipes are inside
  • Ensure all windows are fully closed and locked
  • Use door sweeps to stop drafts
  • Run faucets at a slow drip if temperatures drop below 0 degrees
It is also important to remind tenants how to reach you in case of an emergency. Also, you should make sure to continue to regularly check vacant units and tenants that require wellness checks when temperatures get cold. Also, remind your tenants that space heaters can be dangerous. Share the following tips to avoid the risk of fires or other potential harm:
  • Keep blankets and other fabrics at a distance
  • Invest in newer models, which tend to be safer
  • Avoid connecting them to extension cords, as they increase the risk of fires
  • Ensure fire detectors are working
Following these tips will help protect your building and tenants during Chicago winters. To learn more or get involved with our Property Management Forum, reach out to our Director of Government Affairs Adriann Murawski.