December 2014 Market Speaking Points

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Market Snapshot

  • In October 2014, 9,146 homes sold in the Chicago PMSA. This marked a 3.3 percent decrease from October 2013 sales of 9,462 homes at a time when more homes were available for sale.
  • The median price in October 2014 was $185,000, up 5.7 percent from $175,000 in October 2013.
  • The time it took to sell a home dropped year-over-year in October with listings averaging 61 days until sale, a 1.6 percent decrease compared to 62 days in September 2013.
  • Chicago saw an 8.6 percent decrease in year-over-year home sales in October 2014 with 2,082 sales, down from 2,279 in October 2013 when more homes were on the market.
  • The sales forecast for November, December and January indicate that the sales in the Chicago PMSA will catch up in the next three months. Annually, the three-month average forecasts point to a change from 0.9 percent to 1.2 percent for the Chicago PMSA. On a monthly basis, the three-month average sales are forecast to decrease by 10.7 percent -14.3 percent for the Chicago PMSA.
  • In October 2014, 3,514 houses were newly filed for foreclosure in the Chicago PMSA. This is down 10 percent from October 2013, and up 52.3 percent from September 2014.
  • In October, 3,134 foreclosures were completed, down 52.3 percent from last October.
  • The foreclosure inventory of homes for sale is 32,261 in the Chicago PMSA.

State of the Market

  • This holiday housing market favors buyers and sellers.
  • Annual median sales prices continued trending higher than last year on shorter sales times, creating an incentive for sellers looking to build equity.
  • Sellers considering putting their home on the market can find motivation from short average market times.
  • For buyers, this time of year leaves less competition for their ideal home with fewer homes on the market.
  • Buying a home now provides families and individuals enough time to deduct home purchase costs on their taxes for the current year.