Demystifying Composting

Spring is here and it is the perfect time to start considering composting. Many people don’t know why composting matters or how to get started. From an environmental standpoint, the benefits are huge. When food sits in the landfill, it decomposes without interacting with soil and releases large amounts of methane, one of the most potent greenhouse gases. On the flip side, when food scraps are turned into compost, it helps make our soil and vegetation healthier, which in turn helps decrease the number of greenhouse gases in the air. On the home front, composting greatly reduces your amount of waste, and if done properly, eliminates the odors that often come from your trash can. Do you have a backyard? If yes, are you feeling adventurous? There are great resources to help you compost on your own. Otherwise, Chicago has great companies doing fantastic work like The Urban Canopy, Block Bins and Collective Resources Still have more questions? Chicago is lucky to have the Food Scrap Coalition, a fantastic organization that can help you become a composting resource for your clients. Want to learn more information? Check out the video below: