Enter to Win Milk Chocolate!

July 28th is National Milk Chocolate Day!

Did you know the smell of chocolate increases brain waves, which triggers relaxation? And, regularly indulging in chocolate (in moderation, of course) can cut the risk of heart attack and stroke. C.A.R. wants to bring milk chocolate to you! Simply send an email to membership@chicagorealtor.com letting us know in 100 words or less what makes your office SO SWEET!  You will then be entered* for a chance to win a sweet treat for your entire office! *All emails need to be received prior to July 7th to be considered.  Simply place “SWEET C.A.R. VISIT” in the subject line.  The sweet treats will be delivered on 7/28 to your office.  One entry per office location. This offer is limited to 50 winners.