FAA Proposes Drone Rules

The National Association of REALTORS® continues to ask members to abstain from using drones until the Federal Aviation Administration makes its rules final. The FAA recently came out with proposed rules that limit the commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles to those who receive certification for flying. Proposed rules also include guidance on the speed, height, and times when they can be flown. See NAR’s resource page at REALTOR.org for more on this topic. Proposed FAA rules include: • Commercial drones would not be permitted to fly higher than 500 feet, or exceed 100 miles an hour, and would only be allowed during daylight hours. • All flights also would be have to be within visual line of sight of the person operating it. • The UAV would be registered and required to have certain aircraft markings on it. • Operators of the commercial UAVs would be required to pass an aeronautical knowledge test and be issued a permit to fly, which would need to be renewed every two years. The certification would cost about $300. Operators also would be subjected to a TSA background check.