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Complete List of Scholarship Recipients

“I had such an amazing experience with C.A.R and my instructor Risa. They made it very flexible and informative. I was able to continue working all while getting the education I needed to take this next step in my career.  Risa was very hands on and knowledgeable about everything we needed to know to succeed.  I couldn’t have passed without her. I was able to complete my courses through a webinar which made it very convenient for me.  I was very supported throughout this whole process of getting my broker’s license. Definitely the right place to go for getting the best education needed!”
~Lacey Aralar, Roadmap to REALTOR® Scholarship Recipient
“The Chicago Associaton of REALTORS® Foundation Board of Trustees has been a Godsend to my family and career as a REALTOR®. The Roadmap to REALTORS® scholarship has provided hope during these times of uncertainty we are facing. I will forever be indebted to the Foundation for their generous gift that has helped jump-start my journey as a REALTOR®. I am looking forward to the day I can give back to another deserving Roadmap to REALTOR®scholar. Thank you for believing in me.”
~Leonna Ramsey, Roadmap to REALTOR® Scholarship Recipient
Sydney Warner “Upon my college graduation in May 2019, the thought of becoming a real estate broker was somewhat unheard of to me. However, my mindset changed quickly when I was introduced to Tommy Choi and Josh Weinberg who then influenced me to take the leap and become a broker through Chicago Association of REALTORS®.
In November of 2019, I decided to sit for the 75-hour Broker Pre-Licensing Course that CAR offers, and can confidently say that I would not have passed my National and State exams without the in-person education I received. Leo Schwartz made the learning experience desirable with his upbeat energy. He’d tell stories which made certain concepts easier to grasp and remember while taking the actual exam. I am pleased by his willingness to help students both inside and outside of the classroom.
Testing has always been one of my greatest weaknesses, and truthfully, the real estate exam was extremely intimidating. However, I am proud to say that the Chicago Association of REALTORS® set me up for success with the education and resources I received. Receiving the Chicago Association of REALTORS® Foundation Pre-Licensing scholarship helped me realize my value to this industry and has motivated me to take my skills to the next level. I am extremely grateful to have surrounded myself with such a supportive community of REALTORS® and can’t wait to see where this next journey in my career will take me. ”
~Sydney Warner, Pre-Licensing Scholarship Recipient
Aja Moore“As a newer agent, you are very cautious on how monies are spent. You are spending time and resources building your client base and trying to get your business off the ground; money isn’t always plentiful. The C.A.R. Scholarship eliminated the fear of spending money that was not readily available and gave me the opportunity to further my understanding of the real estate industry and specialize.
The Real Estate industry is made up of a wide range of people, places, and things. The designations and certifications that I gained access to because of the scholarship have given me a great opportunity to learn more about specific areas that mean a lot to me. With C.A.R.’s scholarship, I was able to complete the “MRP Certification” and “My Pricing Strategy” designation. Having more in-depth knowledge on how to assist the veteran client community as well as knowing how to strategically assist all my buyers and sellers with pricing homes and making offers makes me a valuable asset to all my clients.
I am most appreciative and hope to one day pay this opportunity forward.”
~Aja Moore, PSA and MRP Certification Scholarship Recipient
“I am proud to have been a recipient of a scholarship from the
Chicago Association of Realtors Foundation. If I did not have the help of the Foundation, I could not have taken the Real Estate Negotiation Expert course as this has been a slim year for me. Wanting to take this course for years, I recently learned about the scholarship support through Darlene Little, my managing broker. She encouraged me to apply and I thank you for accepting my application.The RENE course covered a great deal of information regarding positioning and negotiation. We spent two full days reviewing various ways of obtaining your negotiation goals, both with agents and clients. Invaluable information was shared as stories were told on how to best achieve your client’s needs. I’m ever the wiser having taken this course.It’s great to see an association support its members in an educational manner. I have been a part of many different industry associations, and have not seen this kind of assistance except for children of members.
Thank you, Foundation, for allowing me the opportunity to further my Real Estate education. Despite having some ups and downs financially in this business, I am in it to stay. It is with this kind of support that I will ultimately reach my professional and financial goals as a Chicago Realtor.”
~Maria E. Bernardi, Designation Scholarship Recipient
“In the month of May, I had the pleasure of attending the National Realtors® Conference in Washington D.C, thanks to the Matt Silver Advocacy Scholarship. During the conference, I received a first -hand view of the partnerships between Realtors and elected officials as we advocated for solutions that would benefit everyday homeowners. The scholarship provided me an opportunity to engage with fellow Realtors from across the country, building relationships and networks that not only benefit my career, but my clients as well.
During the day, I was able to schedule which events and meetings I planned to attend by using an application provided by NAR. The Realtors were very helpful through-out the entire week. I never once felt alone, or lost. Everyone welcomed me with open arms, smiles, and warm greetings.
I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a recipient of the Matt Silver advocacy Scholarship, it is a great tool to help Realtors who have not had the chance to experience National realtor Conference in Washington D.C.”
~Dont’a Taylor, Matt Silver Advocacy Endeavor Scholarship Recipient
“Thank you so much to the C.A.R. community for the pre-license reimbursement scholarship! I was so delighted and grateful to be considered and awarded this scholarship. With all of the initial start-up costs, programs like these make it so much easier for new agents like myself to get started. I had a seemless experience at C.A.R. My professor, Leo was wonderful. After attending the intensive 2-week course I was able to pass the exam on my first try and am starting with Compass Real Estate this coming Monday! Once again, thank you to everyone involved in coordinating this scholarship. It is much appreciated. Looking forward to using everything I learned to represent the industry, the association, and new clients with grace, professionalism and integrity. ”
~Susie Stephens, Prelicense Scholarship Recipient
“I just want to say that everyone at CAR goes the extra mile! The instructors give ten extra miles to each student every class. Everyone provided encouragement and made sure that each student had the tools needed to succeed and pass the state and national exam. The same goes for the Educational Foundation, everyone that I have come in contact with was very friendly and encouraged students to apply for scholarships. The application process was seamless and the results were sent in a timely manner. Everyone seems very eager for all students to succeed in the world of Real Estate! I have to thank The Foundation and everyone at CAR for this wonderful opportunity! Thank you for choosing to do this as your jobs and for being truly compassionate and understanding individuals. Your care is active. YOU ALL are AWESOME.”
~Toya Woullard, Prelicense Scholarship Recipient
“I think it is so incredible how many resources are provided by Chicago Association of Realtors® and the Realtors Real Estate School to help you grow as a real estate professional. When I heard about the scholarship program, I immediately applied. I since, have spread the word to other colleagues, peers and public as how amazing it is to offer such great programs that if you just take the time to explain why you need help, someone might just actually help you. I feel blessed that I was chosen for this scholarship and I can’t be more grateful. Thank you CAR!”
~Stephanie Spenner, Prelicense Scholarship Recipient
“I am honored to be a recipient of the CAR Foundation Scholarship. My passion for real estate grew after purchasing my first property at the age of 23. I made the decision to attend real estate school after my hunt for a new home continuously crashed and burned. I thought to myself—I can do this and if not now, when? The information learned in classes, the people who joined me on the quest to master all things real estate and simply knowing I had the financial support of the CAR Foundation made returning to school so much easier. If you are like me and have always had a passion for real estate, make the decision to return to school and apply for the CAR Foundation Scholarship!”
~LaKesha Gage-Woodard, Prelicense Scholarship Recipient
“I am incredibly honored to have been awarded scholarships by the Chicago Association of REALTORS® Foundation. I have previous knowledge about the real estate industry when I was a Commercial Real Estate Tax Analyst for commercial and industrial properties and I was a Human Rights Investigator for the government investigating violations in housing discrimination. Also, I am an Army Veteran who was deployed to Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar in support of Operations ENDURING and IRAQI FREEDOM. I used the Veteran’s scholarship toward obtaining my Real Estate License. I wanted to gain more knowledge so I completed the Military Relocation Professional (MRP) and Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) designations. It was not until I was in one of my courses that I found out from the teacher that I could apply for a designation/certification scholarship. As a result, I applied and was awarded the Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) designation scholarship. As a real estate professional, I want to learn as much as I can so I can become an advisor and invaluable resource to my clients. My goal is to continue with my educational pursuits so I can achieve my passion in helping my fellow Veterans learn about real estate investing so they can build wealth.”
~Veronica Loewy, Designation Scholarship Recipient
“I am forever thankful to The Foundations scholarship program because it helped me transition into the real estate industry. I was working with a social service organization when I realized my passion and desire to work in real estate. The foundation assisted in me crossing over and gaining experience. Many firms are not interested in candidates without industry knowledge so being able to use the scholarship to further my career was pivotal.”
~Jose Ramos, Prelicense Scholarship Recipient
“Choosing to attend The Chicago Association of REALTORS was the best decision in pursuing my career in real estate. Having instructors that are truly educated and passionate about real estate not only shows their dedication to the industry, but to their students. Being a member of C.A.R. has allowed me to have access to knowledge and training that other real estate schools simply can’t offer. Being able to obtain my real estate license at the age of 21 is an accomplished goal of mine, one of which would not have been possible without the guidance and dedication of the C.A.R. instructors. I am truly humbled to be a recipient of the RRES Pre- License Study Scholarship.”
~Gabhriel Bell, Prelicense Scholarship Recipient
“Taking the course to earn both my ABR and my SRES have taught me how to be a better listener and to advocate better on the behalf of my client.  I understand the importance of having a strong team of professionals behind me that can support the client from start to finish in educating them throughout the entire buying process and how some clients may need more than others.”
~Staci Yesner, Designation Scholarship Recipient
“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for awarding me the REALTORS® Real Estate School Pre-License Study Scholarship. I was thrilled to learn that I was selected and am truly honored to receive your support and recognition. My membership in CAR has been invaluable as CAR has been an amazing resource for me in my first year of this new career. Receiving this scholarship motivates me to continue to grow as a REALTOR® through my Association. Thank you for offering this scholarship as a way of supporting new licensees, and thank you for supporting me.”
~Alenda Young Durr, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“The Chicago Association of Realtors® Foundation made getting my broker’s license possible by awarding me a scholarship through The Realtors® Real Estate School scholarship program. This opportunity allows dedicated individuals to pursue their passions in real estate and I could not more highly recommend these and other incredible opportunities offered by the Chicago Association of Realtors®!”
~Scott Myers, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“The Chicago Association of Realtors Foundation has created scholarships for pre and post-licensing educational pursuits. It’s very encouraging to know that as we invest in our dreams of becoming real estate professionals, the Foundation is willing to invest in us through scholarship opportunities. This includes the Zeke Morris Scholarship, which I am excited as well as grateful to be a recipient. My educational experience with the Chicago Association of Realtors, Realtors School was exemplary. Being a recipient of the Zeke Morris scholarship from the Foundation has amplified an already rewarding achievement. It is wonderful being recognized by the Foundation as an individual who’s work “supports the stabilization and economic development efforts” in the designated communities. I have enjoyed working in the Auburn-Gresham community. I look forward to doing even more as a real estate professional. Additionally, as a new licensee I am pleased to have join the Chicago Association of Realtors. I look forward to being a contributing member of the Foundation and continuing the tradition of helping others advance their dreams.”
~Juliette Scott, Zeke Morris Scholarship Recipient
“I was very excited when I learned I was the recipient of the Accredited Buyer’s Agent (ABR) scholarship. The scholarship allowed me to obtain a designation that demonstrates how serious I am about servicing the homebuyer population and the skills needed to do so. I am truly here for the active and non-active veteran homebuyer and extremely grateful for your financial generosity in helping me achieve my goal.”
~Lynda Pierce, Designation Scholarship Recipient
“I am grateful to have received an opportunity to take my 90-hour pre-licensing at Chicago Association of Realtors. Without this scholarship, it would have taken me longer to make the transition to become a real estate broker. The fees associated with taking a course and becoming a member of an elite organization would have been out of my reach with two graduations and a child beginning college. I can now join the ranks with other brokers who help make a difference in their families, communities, and personal lives to make my mark in the real estate world.
Thank you for choosing to invest in me.”
~Michelle Adams, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I am extremely grateful that I received the Pre-License scholarship from the Chicago Association of Realtors. This scholarship helped me to take the next step on my real estate “journey”, and I am thankful for the opportunity!”
~Joe Hosch, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I am so thankful for deciding on the Chicago Association of REALTORS for completing my Real Estate Pre-License Course. The professors are extremely knowledgable and the staff is super friendly. I would highly recommend the Chicago Association of REALTORS to anyone looking to begin a career in real estate.”
~Jamie Green, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I just want to express how grateful I am that I was selected for the post-license scholarship. The scholarship has allowed me to continue my education in real estate by renewing my brokers license and continue to grow my business. I am very excited at the doors that have been opened for me on this entrepreneurial path in Real Estate. Thank you Chicago Association of Realtors for selecting me.”
~Daniel Stewart, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I cannot express how amazing it feels to be on the receiving end of the Realtors Real Estate School Scholarship. The generosity of the Foundation has allowed me to study a field I am passionate about. I hope one day to be able to do what your organization has done. Give one the greatest gifts possible, the gift of education.”
~Sofia Slater, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“The courses at CAR helped me to be prepared, not only for the state exam, but for real life scenarios that I come across on a daily basis.”
~Leigh McGinnis, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“From an engaging, experienced instructor coupled with textbooks, practice assignments, vocabulary overview and in-depth classroom discussion, the courses maintained a good balance of lecture, debate, reading and homework. Because of the wealth of information obtained in class and through the use of good study habits, I was able to pass the State Exam on my first attempt. Being awarded a pre-license scholarship allowed me to pursue this opportunity. If real estate is a professional career path that you are contemplating, I would highly recommend taking classes offered by C.A.R. and becoming a member!”
~Robin Bartelman, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I couldn’t have done it without CAREF, and I look forward to being able to support the foundation.”
~Anna Meredith, Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“Thanks to The Chicago Association of REALTORS® and CAREF for assisting me to pursuing my educational goals, and in turn, my life’s dreams. I am truly grateful!”
~Demetrius T. Simpson, Education Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
“Being a recipient of CAR’s Scholarship program not only helped reduce the financial burden of beginning a new career, but also gave me the push I needed to finally take the steps that would allow me to pursue my ambition for real estate.”
~Jen Furlong, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“Thanks to the CAREF Scholarship Fund, I was able to participate in Project REAP – Chicago, the most successful and widely respected diversity initiative in commercial real estate. It gave me access to the top professionals in the industry, who, through their example, helped me understand the level of excellence and integrity needed to have a long and rewarding career.”
~Marielee Macapagal, Education Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
“I am so grateful for the Chicago Association of Realtors Education Foundation. With CAREF’s help I have been able to pursue a Master’s of Science from De Paul University. It is great to know that the association I am apart of cares about my educational advancement. This award has helped me to pursue dreams I would have previously considered impossible. I am dedicated to utilizing my education to advance my real estate career. I give CAREF my sincerest thanks.”
~Amber Johnson, Education Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
“I am extremely grateful for the scholarship award. The award helped in reducing the cost of my investment in a commercial real estate education. I am certain the transition I make from residential to commercial will be rewarding.”
~Angela Foster, Education Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
“I feel very fortunate to have been part of the Chicago 2013 REAP class. The wealth of information provided and the amazing contacts made via the highly qualified instructors facilitiating our classes was nothing short of outstanding. I hope to now leverage my professional, educational, and REAP experience(s) in order to enter the world of Commercial Property Management. I honestly can’t wait!”
~Emma Ortiz, Education Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
“I am honored to be one of the recipients of the CAREF Pre-License Scholarship. Thanks to your generous support I am on my way to succeeding in my real estate career. Being an independent contractor in this industry can prove quite challenging with the cost of classes and learning simply by being out in the field. My educational and licensing pursuits would not be possible without generous support from scholarship sponsors like your organization. Thank you for enabling this opportunity!”
~Michelle Luna, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I want to thank the Chicago Association of REALTORS Education Foundation (CAREF) for their support in my efforts to higher my education. The association is a great resource and advocate for our business and I am proud to be a member of CAR. The scholarship that I received has gone a long way to help me become an industry expert and a valuable resource to my clients. I’ve been able to gain additional knowledge from experts in my field. Real Estate education has become a passion for me filled with the excitement of truly being on top of my game! I am forever grateful.”
~Cathy Scratch, Education Foundation Designation Scholarship Recipient
“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for being awarded the CAR Education Foundation scholarship. It was beyond my expectations that I would receive a grant towards my designation so easily accessible and that the process would be so smooth. I am forever beholden to CAR for having the generous support to take my career to the next level and will always cherish this award and the knowledge and experiences to which it leads.”
~Neli Brown, Education Foundation Designation Scholarship Recipient
“Just starting out in my real estate career I knew there would be several expenses I would incur. This scholarship was a huge relief. It is just another incredible way CAR supports the industry. It was so simple to apply and in a matter of weeks I heard back. Thanks for making my start in this industry so seamless.”
~Diane Vargas, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I am so thankful to learn about The C.A.R. Education Foundation through my instructor! I think it is wonderful how they help out new agents with this scholarship and I really appreciate it. The scholarship program is also very easy to access and there’s always someone there to help if you have any questions.”
~Xin Xin Hauf, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I was thrilled to learn that a Pre/Post License Scholarship existed and was available to all CAR students. I am so very thankful to CAR and those who contributed to this scholarship, for their generosity and commitment to the education of those, like me, who wish to pursue a career in real estate. I am forever grateful and will always remember those who made my CAR educational experience a success as a result of their generosity.”
~Bertel Olson, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“Thanks to the Education Foundation, I could afford to start my real estate career debt free. CAREF was available a valuable resource and I would recommend their services to any young agent who is starting out in the field.”
~Celia Rose Marks, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“CAR Education Foundation is a great resource to have, especially for someone starting out in the commercial real estate industry. The process was seamless and it’s great to know that I can have support when continuing to receive additional education in real estate.”
~Kyley Hillesheim, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“The scholarship program was very easy to access. After submitting my application for the scholarship program, I was reimbursed a few months later. What a fantastic way to help out emerging agents!”
~Tina Bletnitsky, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“The outstanding learning environment CAR provided was essential to my journey to get my broker license. From the customer service to the teacher of my classes, CAR made an intimidating process feel much more approachable. I quickly learned that CAR was dedicated to making my experience as stress-free as possible. The friendliness of everyone I encountered there honestly helped me to get through those tough two weeks. When you go to CAR, expect a quality education provided by quality people!”
~Zachary Tamburin, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“Chicago Association of REALTOR’S online program was well organized, to the point, and informative.”
~Stephanie Mack, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I am currently a First year Graduate Student majoring in Real Estate, and I hope to graduate in December 2010 with a MBA. While I attend Roosevelt University full time, I also sell and lease residential real estate on the south side of Chicago to help pay for my tuition. It’s not always easy to juggle work and school, and I am truly grateful for the assistance that I am receiving. When I graduate, I hope that I can use what I have learned here to make a difference in people’s lives, the same way that you have made a difference in mine. Thank you again for the contribution which made my scholarship possible.”
~James E. Daughrity, Education Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
“Despite the sagging real estate market, I believe that the timing of this scholarship couldn’t be better. A combination of irresponsibility and insufficient risk management practices have led us into the current economic situation, yet education will undoubtedly play a role in the eventual recovery. I intend to make the most of this educational stipend and broaden my knowledge of commercial and residential real estate markets. Looking past the near-term pessimism, I see great opportunities for both real estate investors and hope to help others make sound investment decisions.”
~Jacob Munoz, Education Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
“I want to thank you and The Chicago Association of REALTORS for their support for new agents. The association is a great resource and advocate for our business and I’m a proud member of CAR, IAR, and NAR. This scholarship will go a long way and will help me become an industry expert and resource to my clients.”
~Peter Duong, Education Foundation Designation Scholarship Recipient
“Because of the CAR Educational Scholarship, I am able to gain additional knowledge and network with experts in my field, for that , I am extremely grateful. As I complete my certifications and eventually attend a Real Estate Graduate Program, these scholarships are helping to do so much more than just fund an education. In a greater sense, I am taking control of my life!”
~Daisy Neal, Education Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
“I have received two scholarships from CAREF thus far. These scholarships have allowed me to continue my advanced studies at Walden University for my PhD in Educational Technology. My research entails researching the impact ethics instruction affects morality levels in real estate students. The long-term ramifications could be significant for our profession, and the CAREF scholarships will factor in directly.”
~Sam Martin, Education Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Recipient
“Submitting my application for the scholarship program was so simple. I got two letters of recommendation and updated my resume and was able to get full financial support for my 75-hour broker course. The course was fantastic and when it was done, all I had to do was submit my paperwork and I was reimbursed for the full amount. What a fantastic program!”
~Melissa Bosley, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“The CAR education foundation is a great way to get your real estate education subsidized and get your career started. I applied for the scholarship and within a few weeks I was taking my class, the application process was easy and I have since received my license and have made my first commission. Thanks again for making the process easy.”
~Rohit Badola, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“CAREF and the scholarship program were pinnacle in my development as a well?informed broker. I am now currently practicing real estate, and I owe that to CAREF.”
~Jason Rice, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
” I am truly grateful to the CAR Scholarship Fund that allowed me the opportunity to sharpen my tools and grow my real estate business. I am dedicated to this business and to always learning more and your program helped me achieve that goal. Thank you, again for the opportunity.”
~Jane Bishop Lillegard, Education Foundation Designation Scholarship Recipient
” I am very grateful to receive the CAREF scholarship. It really shows how much the education foundation cares about their students. Starting as a newly licensed broker with many expenses is not easy. I want to thank everyone who made this scholarship possible. It is truly a huge help in getting my career as a REALTOR started!”
~Melanie Carlson, Education Foundation Designation Scholarship Recipient
“As a recent college graduate, getting into the real estate industry can be very challenging, both as a professional and a first-time real estate buyer. There is a significant age gap between first-time buyers and the average REALTOR®, making the connection with first-time buyers even more challenging to achieve. As a newly licensed broker, I look forward to serving the younger demographic to help them understand our value as REALTORS® and as an industry. I am so thankful to the CAR Real Estate Foundation for providing me with this wonderful opportunity—I couldn’t have done it without you!”
~Lauren Tavel, Education Foundation Designation Scholarship Recipient
“I had heard there was a possibility of money being available for real estate coursework and fees through my real estate colleagues. By conducting a basic online search, I easily discovered the Zeke Morris pre-licensing scholarship opportunity. I looked over the scholarship requirements and decided to apply. In May 2015, I asked two people to provide written recommendations prior to writing the required essay. Once I received both recommendations, I applied in mid-June before my real estate course began. When I received the email on August 20th that I was awarded the Zeke Morris pre-licensing scholarship, I was overjoyed! It couldn’t have come at a better time too as I was in the process of figuring out how I would pay for various real estate expenses (in addition to my monthly bills). Nonetheless, I want to thank the Chicago Association of Realtors for offering such a scholarship opportunity. I will encourage everyone that I know who is starting out in real estate to apply for this award. I am currently a licensed Leasing Agent with Chicago Homes Realty Group in addition to being a member of the Chicago Association of Realtors.”
~Melanie Felt, Education Foundation Designation Scholarship Recipient
“I am truly grateful to the Chicago Association of Realtors and CAREF for their generosity and assistance and in turn allowing me the opportunity to pursue my career in Real Estate. Their scholarship program is a great way for aspiring Realtors to alleviate some of the debt that accrues while beginning this new career and would highly recommend it.”
~Celia Martinez, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I would definitely recommend C.A.R. to anyone interested working in real estate. The classes were engaging and prepared me for the test. Classes were also conveniently scheduled and located. Thank you so much, the future is looking bright.”
~Andrea Maldonado, Education Foundation Pre-License Scholarship Recipient
“I am so grateful for the Roadmap to REALTOR® pre-license reimbursement scholarship Foundation for giving me this exciting opportunity. It is so wonderful they provide scholarships to people interested in the Real Estate business and I am thankful for their support. I had an amazing experience taking my pre-licensing class at CAR and felt very prepared for my Real Estate tests. They really helped guide me in the right direction and I am so delighted and grateful to be awarded this scholarship. Thank you!”
~Samantha Kramer, Roadmap to REALTOR® Scholarship Recipient
“When deciding to move forward with a career in real estate, I was referred to the Chicago Association of REALTORS®. While conducting my research I came across the scholarship offered by The Chicago Association of REALTORS® Foundation Board of Trustees.

I’m glad I chose the REALTORS® Real Estate School for my Broker Licensing classes. Eve Benson was my instructor and she was great. She was thorough in going through the material, took the time to answer questions, took us through scenarios, reviewed and had one on one conversations. I would recommend this program to others who may be interested.”
~Patricia M. Casas Mendez, Roadmap to REALTOR® Scholarship Recipient