G.E.T. Well 2.0! Health & Wellness with a Busy Lifestyle


YPN’s G.E.T (Grow. Elevate. Thrive.) breakfast series continued at Manny’s with a panel on maintaining healthy habits while working in a fast-paced industry. Mo Dadkhah, Mainstreet Real Estate Group, moderated a panel featuring Nate Forse, Forse Lifestyle Coaching, and Tiffany Louise, Life Coach. They discussed how to implement healthy habits into a busy schedule, how to manage stress and tips to start and end your day with positive choices.  

Starting Your Health Journey & Why Its Important

A key component Louise and Forse continually referred to was “filling up your cup.” This means making choices that bring you joy and energy, and allow you to perform better. Forse mentioned that health equals wealth and we should make our health just as important as any business transaction. The better attention and proper fuel we give our bodies, the better we can complete other tasks. Louise said she likes to tell her clients to focus on the end goal of difficult decisions. Rather than thinking about how much you don’t want to do a certain thing, think about how doing that task will make you feel afterwards. Focusing on how you will feel after will help channel your energy in a positive direction. Forse, a former collegiate athlete, referenced that he always used to know how how he was going to perform on the field based on how he practiced the previous day. He said this applies to daily performance as well, your choices now impact how you will perform in the following days.

Impactful Morning & Nighttime Routines

Forse and Louise both agreed that their morning routines are extremely important to setting a positive tone to the rest of your day. Louise recommended taking note of what you consume in the morning, physically and mentally, and making sure they are healthy and will give you fuel for the coming day. Forse agreed and said he turns off notifications on his phone in the morning to start with a clear head. Both said that getting adequate sleep is extremely important to succeed in other areas of your life. Forse says he tries to get around 7.5 hours of sleep a night and sets an alarm an hour before bed to remind him. Louise said she often will turn down events or outings to make sure she gets to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep. Forse mentioned that “you can’t beat sleep” and Louise agreed by saying your body will quickly feel the impacts the more you deprive it of those needed hours.

Healthy Food Choices on the Go

Both panelists agreed that meal prepping for the week on Sunday is the best way to ensure you’ll have healthy options at all times throughout the week. Louise says she tries to make sure she eats right away when she is hungry, avoiding the “hangry” phase that often leads to making less healthy food choices. Forse also reminded the audience that if cooking isn’t in the books for you, there are a lot of meal services that cook and deliver healthy options to your doorstep.

How to Fit in Fitness

Louise says she tries to plan her day the night before so she can figure out where her workout will fit in best. She recommends signing up for classes with friends as it’s not only more fun, but you feel more of a commitment to show up. Forse calls his workout an “appointment with himself.” He enjoys working out first thing in the morning when possible to de-clutter his mind and start off on a positive note. He also reminded the audience that each workout doesn’t need to be hours long; a short, high-intensity workout will give you the same results.

Handling Stress

Forse said, “Stress is the achiever’s word for fear.” He said operating from a place of stress is often a driver for many but has a negative impact on our bodies and minds. Louise said a way to overcome this fear is to work your “mindful muscles.” The more we practice being in tune with ourselves, whether through a workout or meditation, the better we can handle stressful situations. Louise told the audience that she likes to associate hard work with words like “flow,” “intention” and “connection.” She said too often she sees the word “hustle” coming from a place of anxiety that alters our moods, while the previous words bring you back to your core intentions and aspirations.