Get Involved in 2023: Apply for a Volunteer Role in Our Association


Get the most out of your REALTOR® membership! As a volunteer, you will receive personal and professional growth opportunities and have the chance to contribute to the future of Chicago real estate.

Plus, we need your insights and expertise to help shape the future of our association and industry! Listen to current and past volunteer leaders below as they share what getting involved means to them.


  1. Review eligible committees and work groups that welcome volunteers here.
  2. Then, fill out and submit your application by June 30, 2023. You may apply to more than one committee. If you currently serve on a committee and your term is ending, you will need to reapply.

To successfully apply for volunteer positions, you must be willing to attend committee meetings and actively participate. In most cases, you must also be a CAR member in good standing, though there are a few committees that represent a wider range of participants by including non-CAR members.

Committee members are notified in September for terms that take effect October 1, the start of our fiscal year.

Learn why your peers take on leadership roles in our association:

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