CommercialForum Sales Awards Nominations

All Chicago REALTORS® and CommercialForum members are eligible to receive a CommericalForum Sales Award for transactions completed in the 2023 calendar year. An application must be submitted by the posted deadline to be considered for one of the thirteen CommercialForum Awards categories.

Award Categories include:

  • Multi-Family 5+ Sales $ Volume 
  • Multi-Family 5+ # Transactions
  • Retail Leasing Gross (Sq Ft)
  • Retail Leasing # Transactions
  • Retail Sales # Transactions
  • Retail Sales $ Volume
  • Industrial Sales # Transactions
  • Industrial Sales $ Volume
  • Industrial Rental # of Transactions
  • Industrial Rental Gross (Sq. Feet)
  • Office Rental # Transactions
  • Office Sales $ Volume
  • Office Sales #Transactions

Please include ALL of your 2023 commercial transactions in your application, both MLS transactions and off-MLS transactions. 

If you are considered for an award based on your application, you will be contacted to provide a copy of a closing statement for each sale transaction and/or the lease specifics and signature page for each lease transaction. Failing to verify and provide this information may result in forfeiture of any award.

Questions? Contact us.

Deadline to apply for 2023 commercial awards: January 26, 2024

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