Habits to Boost Your Biz in 2018

We talked to the 2017 Top Producers to get the scoop on best practices and habits to help supercharge your business in 2018.

Break your goals down.

Scott Curcio, Baird & Warner, recommends breaking down your annual goals by units, rather than sales volume, and calculating how many conversations you need to have each day in order to hit that number (hint: 40 conversations usually equals one sale). “This will help a really big goal seem much more manageable — you have to do little things every day to get there.”

Focus on the highest ROI activities.

“Focus on being more focused,” Frank Montro, Keller Williams Preferred Realty, said. Karen Biazar of North Clybourn Group, agreed: “Stay laser focused on what really matters and let go of what doesn’t.”

Be consistent.

Routines work great in every aspect of real estate because they are easy to follow, become second nature quickly and allow more time for more demanding matters. Top producing REALTORS® like Melanie Giglio, Compass Real Estate, tend to put a system and process in place for everything related to their business. “Consistency is key. Consistency in waking up early every day (I start my day at 4 AM!), staying healthy by eating well and working out in the morning, creating a positive mindset, continually educating and learning daily, and following systems, checklists and your calendar.”

Know the industry in and out.

Understanding not only real estate but also outside factors, such as interest rates, income taxes and politics, will give industry professionals a true understanding of what’s affecting the market. Scott Newman, Newman Realty, said, “Commit to consistently learning everything you can about our everchanging local market and educate yourself with information and insight which distinguishes your brand and makes you invaluable to clients. Always be asking the question, ‘Would I hire me?’”

Provide value by knowing your product and competitor.

In such a competitive industry, it’s important to stand out. Juliana Yeager, @properties, said, “Find your niche. We all say that we sell everywhere, but really try to hone in on your niche and go for it!”

Practice self-care.

“Take time off when you need to refresh and recharge. It makes you more productive and a better broker to your clients,” Melissa Govedarica, Sergio & Banks Real Estate, said. And if you don’t want to splurge on a trip, that’s ok — a simple digital detox, even for an hour, can do wonders.

Build and maintain client relationships.

Alishja Ballard, @properties, said it perfectly: “Prioritize the deal and not the paycheck.” Actively listen to your clients’ needs and act as advocates and educators for them. Past clients are the best source for referrals and are instrumental in growing your business. And don’t be shy! “One challenge that will get you off to a rocket start in 2018: make 30 phone calls every day over a period of three months,” Greg Pekarsky, Vesta Preferred Realty, said.

Seize the moment.

Work extra hours when the market is hot. As Sam Shaffer, Chicago Properties Firm, said, “Make hay while the sun shines.” How are you planning for success? Share with us @ChicagoREALTORS for a chance to be featured!